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How to Use and Operate a Chainsaw Safely | Safety Guide

Chainsaw is an innovative invention that made our work very easy and time-saving. If you think about the early times when we used to cut trees with axes it used to take almost an entire day to cut a small tree.

Now if you have a chainsaw you can cut more than ten trees within the same period of time. The cuttings become smooth and safer with this machine. You can cut your tree the way you want and the size you require.

Though this device is easy to use you need to learn to use it properly. It’s because one simple mistake or ignorance can cause a large accident. In one way you can say a chainsaw is a dangerous machine if not handled properly and for the right cause.

Here you will find a few simple but important ways to use a chainsaw properly and safely.

how to use a chainsaw


How to Use a Chainsaw – Steps to Follow!

Basic Issues for Safety

Wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a big factor in preventing any kind of accident. We don’t know the future, when the tree will fall on me or when the chainsaw will slip from my hand.

In these cases, you should make a habit of wearing proper gear such as eye protection, ear protection, good sturdy boots, long pants, a long-sleeved shirt, gloves, chainsaw chaps, etc. before you start your work.

There is another thing that you have to maintain which is clearing the surroundings. Look if there is enough space for the tree to fall on the ground and if there is enough space for you to escape when the tree falls.

Do not let others especially the children come near you at the time of cutting a tree.

Check Before You Start

Before you begin your work make sure that your chainsaw is working properly, there is no technical problem. If you have a defective machine get it repaired from the shop before you start your work.

Check the connections are okay and you didn’t leave a small part that is necessary for your machine to work. See if there is enough charge when your machine is an electric Chainsaw or enough fuel if your machine is run by gas. Don’t forget to take the chainsaw sharpener if you have one which is handy.

Start Your Chainsaw

There are two ways to start a chainsaw engine, one is placing it on the ground and the other is placing it between your legs.

For both methods first you have to follow a few works. Make sure that the chain brake is engaged, the choke is closed (ON) and the start switch is ON.

For the first method, place the device on the ground, grip the handlebar with your left hand, and place your right toe in the handle where the throttle trigger is.

Now pull the starter rope a couple of times. The chainsaw should pop but not start. Now disengage the choke, and pull the starter rope again to start. The saw will start immediately.

For the second method place the machine between your legs, and place the rear of the saw against your right leg, tilting it towards the right. Squeeze slightly the saw with your left leg. Now pull the starter rope to start.

Handle the Machine

To handle a chainsaw you need to have some common sense regardless of what you’re using it for. Good footing is necessary.

You should watch for tripping hazards, and keep a good balance by not overreaching with the saw running or getting into some peculiar body contortion. Always keep your left hand firmly on the front handle, use the thumb for a better grip.

You should keep in mind that you are handling a chainsaw not driving a taxi where you can rest your fingers the way you like. You need to have a tight grip all the time.

Kickbacks and Punching

A kickback follows the law of physics. When you are cutting a tree, if your chain hits a hard surface or something that is difficult to cut the machine hits you back.

This kickback force will not be less than the force you are applying to it. The defense against kickback is never to engage the machine with the upper corner of the bar.

Be careful about the position of the tip. Learn to keep a firm two-handed grip on the device and a balanced stance. Your chain should always be sharp.

Pinching the bar is another thing that you should be careful about. When you are cutting a standing tree, after cutting a little bit, the pressure of the tree falls on the chain.

At this time the saw might not be able to handle the immense weight and stop working. So don’t cut the entire tree starting from one side and ending on the other. Cut a little on one side then cut the same amount on the opposite side. If you don’t have experience then follow this way to cut the whole tree.

It is always better to take precautions rather than fall into some trouble. Learn to use your chainsaw properly so that you don’t find any obstacles while working.

While doing this work you need to keep your mind calm. With an unsettled mind, it is easier to fall into an accident.

If you are a new user you should practically see the cutting styles of some experts which will give you a lot of ideas.

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